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Basics to Curating a small space

When hanging your work,make sure you choose the order of your work carefully; make sure the sizes and color schemes of each piece coincide together in a certain harmony. Basically, Know your color wheel. Knowing your complimentary and Secondary colors will help you greatly in choosing which work should go next to each other. If your work is in black and white or sepia tones, you can skip this and go strictly by the sizes of the works themselves, and possibly the composition of the content.

Now, line up your choices and make sure the distance between two pieces on a wall next to each other are half the width of the piece itself in order not to pull attention from each piece of artwork. Over crowding a wall looks sloppy. This isn't a Walmart whole sale,This is an art showing. Presentation is everything, so keep it classy, don't overcrowd! A common mistake that many small cafes and spaces make in order to “fit more work in” is putting pieces on top of each other. If there is one thing that perturbs Ms. Bombshell more when going to a show,it's seeing work displayed this way ; NEVER DO THIS! In my eyes, there is almost nothing more sloppy looking than displaying work this way. I understand that your space is small, Spacing is difficult, but If you can avoid this, please do so, because it makes the work at the top difficult to see, as well as distracts. It takes away from the work itself by having pieces to close together. A solution to this is to first off, stick to small scale work.. Watercolorists tend to work small on a lot of occasions, tap into that resource!
A galleries walls should only be white or a muted gray. Having your walls any other color or series of colors will limit the type of work you can use in a space. For example: now due to too strong of a contrast, you can no longer use black and white or sepia toned photography(unless your walls are brown but then that's all you can use!). The reason for this is that the wall and the piece will be fighting for your eye's attention. The Contrasting elements will compete with each other and you will lose a lot of details in your work, The human eye simply won't pick them up! If your peepers can't grasp what they are looking at they will simply block it out. Your eyes won't register a lot of it. What's the point of looking at artwork if it isn't going to stay in your vision and memory?
If you are new at hanging work you should definitely have a level in your tool kit; and yes,you do indeed need a tool kit. It should include (of course) a level, a hammer, lots of nails, screws, thumb tacks, a drill, a tape measure, a marking pen, and extra hanging wire. If you are experienced at this then, eventually you won't need the level or the tape measure. You'll get pretty good at being able to eyeball it, I can almost guarantee that after hanging 5 or 6 shows you should be able to take the measuring tools out of your kit. If not, then you can find me and yell at me for lying. I'm bad at math and wear glasses and I can do it with ease now, So 5 or 6 for you could even be too many! Good eyes or bad eyes measuring without a ruler is something you can master quickly.
The rest is relatively basic, choose, line up, install, enjoy! At this point(and a little practice) you should be able to seamlessly install your or your artists' show. So Happy hanging, and much luck from Ms. Bombshell!

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If you either a visual artist or a DJ (maybe both?) please contact me ASAP!

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This Sunday! Check us out!

The Salsita Studio Series, featuring emerging and contemporary artists of all genres, continues November 8 at 5:30 PM with a showcase of illustrations by Michele Burke. Salsita is located at 1624 South Street in Philadelphia, PA. --

PHILADELPHIA, October 22, 2009 -- The works of award-winning illustrator Michele Burke are the focus of the second showing in the Salsita Studio Series on Sunday, November 8 at 5:30 PM. The series, sponsored by artist and curator Niki Bombshell and advertising and marketing firm CrowdConnect Group, is a year-long showcase highlighting emerging artists at Salsita Studio in Philadelphia.

Burke, a 2005 graduate of the University of the Arts, will be on hand to answer questions about her work, which centers on highly personal portraits, each becoming a study of character. "Each person has a story," Burke explains, "and my art is a celebration of the many characters that inhabit my life - and yours."

Burke will also feature her custom-made holiday cards, with a portion of each purchase benefiting the Philadelphia chapter of Variety, the Children's Charity.

"We're delighted to sponsor this series and bring to light the wonderful illustrations of Michele Burke," said Patrick Diogenia, Founding Partner of CrowdConnect Group. "Art, in all its forms, is a vital component of the human experience, and it's especially important to encourage the development of new art during an economic downturn such as the one we're experiencing now."

Ms. Burke's showing is additionally made possible by a grant from Ameriprise Financial.

The event takes place Sunday, November 8 at Salsita Studio, 1624 South Street in Philadelphia, from 5:30 to 9:30 PM. Music will be provided by DJ Soil on Down and catering by Kebab House, Philadelphia.

Burke's work will remain on display at the studio until December 9 and will be available for private showings, by appointment only.

The next show in the series will feature the work of Don Hughes along with a live painting by Mikey Madnez and will open on Saturday, December 12.

For additional information, please call 609-945-2345 or email salsitaseries@crowdconnect



Portrait artist and illustrator Michele Burke produces character-driven work that expands our perception of the world and the people around us. Ms. Burke's work has been featured in magazines such as Design NJ and in the advertising campaigns of prominent Philadelphia area businesses. Ms. Burke also creates custom greeting cards and personal portraits by appointment. She is a 2005 graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

To learn more about Michele's work, please contact the Office of Patrick Diogenia, CrowdConnect Group, 609-945-2345.


Salsita Studio is perhaps the only arts center to function as a dance studio by day and an art gallery by night. In addition to showcasing contemporary and emerging artists in the Salsita Studio Series, the studio, headed by University of Pennsylvania alumna Athena Aktipis, also offers both private and group instruction in yoga, hip hop, ballet, and, of course, salsa dancing.

Find more information at or by calling 267-687-6886.


CrowdConnect Group, a marketing and advertising firm with its principal offices in Princeton, NJ, sets small-and-medium-sized retail, hospitality, media and entertainment businesses on a path to success through its innovative BrandWise program and by focusing senior talent on every client, not just the partners' favorites. At CrowdConnect, every client is a "favorite".

Their holistic approach, covering everything from marketing strategy and public relations to management consulting, operations, IT and corporate social responsibility, has achieved results for clients such as the City of Philadelphia, Knight Ridder (now McClatchy) and scores of independent businesses.

Visit and for the latest marketing and advertising news and tips to help your business succeed in a stagnant economy.

Forward Thinking Statement

Portions of this press release may contain forward-looking statements regarding future events and undertakings of the Salsita Studio Series, its affiliates and sponsors. Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from any future performance suggested in such statements. The Salsita Studio Series does not undertake any obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. The Company urges you to consider all of these risks, uncertainties and other factors carefully in evaluating these forward-looking statements made in this release and not to place undue reliance on such statements. As a result of these and other matters, including changes in facts, assumptions not being realized or other circumstances, our actual results may differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements included in this release are made only as of the date of this release, and we undertake no obligation to update it to reflect subsequent events or circumstances.

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Do Not Go To Lady Love on South street.

If you need naughty and or Halloween supplies, I would strongly suggest going somewhere else. The people who worked at this store were the rudest bunch of workers I have ever encountered. I was treated like a common criminal without any chance to explain myself.Let me explain, I was out and about doing my Costume shopping, I was two items away from completion. I found one item in errogenious(sp?)zone (who were very nice,by the way. So I proceed to exit the store and the alarm goes off. They had neglected to take the security device off. So i come back, they swipe it over the magnetic device to desensitize it and I go on my way. Next, I attempt to venture in to Lady Love because I was told it the place to go on South for Halloween supplies, and the alarm goes off. I offer my bag to check,and show them the item in question. Apparently they do not let you in the store AT ALL if you set the alarm off. So ok, I'm a little tiffed because they were a little short with me, but I tell them that I will go back to E-zone and have them fix it. So I do just that, and they peel the stickers in question of of the product(or so i thought). So I make one more attempt to enter Lady Love and i go off again. Again, holding said item in question in the air and appologizing. But I also did sound mad(I will admit because I had been in and out of the same store several times). The staff of young girls proceed to yell at me to leave and gaurd the door like I am carrying an AK-47 and ready to charge the place! I even tried to still ask for help and yell over to ask where I might find a zombie-like mask and they just started yelling "no" repeatedly. I understand that shoplifting is a problem on south street but being that extreme in a low scale store like that is just completely unnecessary. I felt so mistrested and so violated by the behavior of this establishment that I felt the need to blast it over the internet!

So If you can help it please do not go to this store( I found a better version of the items I needed at other NICER stores anyways).

Thanks for listening!

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Michele Burke:November 8th

Show us your Hollywood at Salsita studio!

getting on the ball!

Hello everyone! I have decided that since it may be sometime before an official actually happens I should use this as my outlet. So I have indeed decided,once and for all, to use this stinkin' thing!!! first things first: I am going to upload images of my artwork because let's face it, that's the whole point!