Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do Not Go To Lady Love on South street.

If you need naughty and or Halloween supplies, I would strongly suggest going somewhere else. The people who worked at this store were the rudest bunch of workers I have ever encountered. I was treated like a common criminal without any chance to explain myself.Let me explain, I was out and about doing my Costume shopping, I was two items away from completion. I found one item in errogenious(sp?)zone (who were very nice,by the way. So I proceed to exit the store and the alarm goes off. They had neglected to take the security device off. So i come back, they swipe it over the magnetic device to desensitize it and I go on my way. Next, I attempt to venture in to Lady Love because I was told it the place to go on South for Halloween supplies, and the alarm goes off. I offer my bag to check,and show them the item in question. Apparently they do not let you in the store AT ALL if you set the alarm off. So ok, I'm a little tiffed because they were a little short with me, but I tell them that I will go back to E-zone and have them fix it. So I do just that, and they peel the stickers in question of of the product(or so i thought). So I make one more attempt to enter Lady Love and i go off again. Again, holding said item in question in the air and appologizing. But I also did sound mad(I will admit because I had been in and out of the same store several times). The staff of young girls proceed to yell at me to leave and gaurd the door like I am carrying an AK-47 and ready to charge the place! I even tried to still ask for help and yell over to ask where I might find a zombie-like mask and they just started yelling "no" repeatedly. I understand that shoplifting is a problem on south street but being that extreme in a low scale store like that is just completely unnecessary. I felt so mistrested and so violated by the behavior of this establishment that I felt the need to blast it over the internet!

So If you can help it please do not go to this store( I found a better version of the items I needed at other NICER stores anyways).

Thanks for listening!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michele Burke:November 8th

Show us your Hollywood at Salsita studio!

getting on the ball!

Hello everyone! I have decided that since it may be sometime before an official actually happens I should use this as my outlet. So I have indeed decided,once and for all, to use this stinkin' thing!!! first things first: I am going to upload images of my artwork because let's face it, that's the whole point!