Monday, November 14, 2011

Completed commission for Rebecca Beatty in Springfield,IL

 "Uprising"Revisted - Final
 Stripe detail
 Lower detail
face detail

Just sent this Puppy out to Illinois, and received rave reviews on it. Looks like Niki Bombshell's work doesn't have to be limited to Philadelphia anymore!

I'm taking commissions of almost any kind, get at me, I want to paint things for you!

ask me about my commission rates :-)

Still trying to get this portrait a way I like....

I added some more layers to try make some sense of this portrait I'm working on... I still hate it but I think If I keep trying I could hate it a lot less, portraiture is a good market to jump into...

the reference image is in my first attempt post right before this one.

Monday, July 11, 2011

two new pieces...

                                                                    "Gemini" $75
"caught in between" $200

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New and old work, rephotographed!

 "Brutal contentment" Detail  $150

 "Misscommunicate" Ink and acrylic on carved corkboard  $300
 "vacancy" acrylic on poster board $ 75

 "down the tubes" acrylic on chalkboard $150
 "creation of bombshell" ink and acrylic on wooden serving tray $100
 "three" ink on wood panel  $50
 "untitled" on wood panel SOLD
 "brutal contentment" charcoal and ink on paper glued to wood panel $150

 "on a platter" ink and acrylic on wood panel $100

 "demons on my left" ink and acrylic on panel $50
 "i'll stay on this side" ink and acrylic on panel $50
 "untitled" ink on tack board  $75

 "bombshell side one" ink on wood panel $100
 "bombshell side two" ink on wood panel
 "content" ink on canvas $50
 "curious" ink on canvas $50
 "secret" ink on cardboard $75
 " a bitch" ink on wood panel $100
 "skin and bones" ink on cardboard $100
 "split 3 ways" ink on canvas $150
 "girl talk" ink and acrylic on wood panel $450

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photo update:New work out on the town

My Appologies, I have not titled these pieces yet...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just to show you how popular I am.....

Pieces that have sold.... Past work that has been adopted :-)   ....

 "Baby In the Corner(No one put me here)"
 "Oops,...I made a mess again"
 "Heart So heavy (weight of the world"

 "it's in the wind" Diptic
 "tribal woman"
 "social Martyr"
 "try me"